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Landscape Modeling

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Landscape modeling provides a way to visualize how landscape ideas would look if implemented at your particular landscape site. Sophisticated computer imagery is overlaid on an actual photograph of the landscape site creating a photo-realistic rendering of the proposed landscape implementation. You can truly see what you're getting before you go ahead with the project.

Landscape modeling prices start at $100, the exact price depends on the size and complexity of the model.  Contact us to discuss your project and we'd be happy to give you a no obligation bid.

Landscape modeling starts with a picture of your existing landscape...
Ever wonder what your landscape could look like? Using the latest computer image modeling technology, Bridget can help you visualize what various landscape ideas would actually look like when implemented on your property. This is a good way to get started if you aren't sure what you like or don't like about various landscape ideas, or can't make up your mind between several options. The picture on the left is an actual starting point for one of Bridget's landscapes. Continue reading below to see how it evolves into the completed landscape...
Next, the digital model is created...
Next, Bridget develops a digital model of the landscape that captures the design elements so you can truly visualize how the actual results would appear if implemented. After modeling a various ideas, the customer decided to go with this model. On to the next step...
Implementation of the model...
Depending on the complexity of the model, you could go straight to implementation, or, for larger more complex designs, have a full landscape plan developed next (see "Landscape Plans" farther down this page). Here, the above model has been implemented and the actual results are virtually identical to the model - it's easy to see how landscape modeling saves time and money.

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