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Landscape Design and Proposal

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Bridget provides creative, complete, and detailed plans, either hand drafted, or computer drafted, depending on the size and complexity of your design. Each design is created based on your ideas and goals, combined with Bridget's experience, creativity, and thorough knowledge of plant material, hardscapes, and landscape features, and the specific needs of the site. Each design is an original, creating a unique look for your property that not only brings you enjoyment, but adds significant value to your property. Each plan comes with a complete proposal specifying the exact materials required, and price quote from Touch O' Green. While we'd be happy to implement your plan, you're free to implement the plan yourself or choose another company to do it for you.

Landscape design prices start at $500, the exact price depends on the size and complexity of the model.  Contact us to discuss your project and we'd be happy to give you a no obligation bid.

The Landscape Plan...

While the creativity and ingenuity Bridget relies on to develop each custom landscape plan is purely organic, she also uses the latest computer drafting programs to help put her ideas onto paper. These detailed and colorful plans are drawn to scale, making it easy to visualize the relationships between design elements, your house and other existing features, as well as ensuring that building lines and easements are taken into account. Below is a sample full scale drawing, followed by an enlarged section to show what it really looks like when presented on paper.

The Landscape Plan Detail
Here's the square section noted above, enlarged so you can see the beautiful detail each plan provides.

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